2020/21 risk assessment.

Premises – All Saints Weston. Chestnut Avenue, Weston Green, Esher KT10 8JL





PERSONAL SPACE  We have measured the dance hall and have devided the children’s work space into 3 metre by 2+ metre spaces. This is outlined by marking the floor and will allow for no more than 10-12 children in a class. Extra space on top of this has been allocated for teachers and assistants by opening the area of hall usually used as a waiting and changing room.  

We will continue to use these spaces but will gradually introduce children back to a more normal class from Autumn 21 unless advised otherwise.


Autumn 21 - parents of very young children will be invited to wait inside the All Saints Church Hall hallway.  Parents with children in classes three (Sparkles) and above will have use of a new waiting area in the actual All Saints Church just beside the dance hall, here we will be able to call for you if needed. A few minutes before end of class, please be ready in the little garden for girls to leave.


We have suggested parents bring their own flask/drink for the time being until we have use of the kitchen.


SAFE ARRIVAL & EXIT  Children under the age of 16yrs should not be left unattended, we cannot be responsible for the children outside of their class.


Parents are asked to always inform a teacher or another class parent if an older child is to be left  alone.  Please make sure your child always has a contact number to reach you - we suggest keeping it clearly written somewhere in their dance bag and also in their phone contacts, if they have one.  


Parents asked to always accompany their child into hall.  Please do not let your child run up from the car park alone in case hall is closed for any reason.


Parents inside to please wear face covering.


UNIFORM  Children have been asked to come wearing their dance attire ready under their warm outdoor coat with a big dance bag for their shoes and warm up garments. 


Please show young children how to put on their ballet/tap shoes – stickers work well and help little ones get the right foot! Class Two please wear white tap shoes that do up with VELCRO, so no laces to tie. 


DANCERS HAIR TO BE WORN OF FACE AND IN A BUN, THIS WILL ALSO LIMIT THE NEED TO TOUCH FACE AND EYES.  Always wear team colour hair bow bows, they look gorgeous!


Please check up to date regulations on GOV.UK. 

Rules at children’s school will be a good guide.



Ventilation and Cleaning  

We will have windows open during the morning and will open doors between classes. Hand sanitiser, sprays and wipes available.


*Toilets will of course be open both in the hall and in the Church waiting area.



*If anyone from your household have the following symptoms, DO NOT send your child to class.


*Continuous cough, high temperature, shortness of breath. Or if after attending class a family member tests positive then please inform us so that we can let everyone know. We will be keeping a register of those at class each week.


*I will inform you should I become unwell either by WhatsApp message/email or a notice will be put up at the hall.


*If possible - class will be covered by another teacher or class will be made up another time.

Government lockdown - If possible, classes will be covered online or work sent out via another online platform.



We are doing all we can to make the return to 'in person' dance classes at All Saints Hall as safe as possible.  Please read this assessment and please speak to us if there are any other precautions you feel we can implement that could help.


We cannot be held responsible for anyone that may become unwell at this time.












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The Little Pink Ballet Company


For now, Pink Ballet will be incorporated into our Saturday morning school dance classes. We will also introduce 'Tutu Ballet' Classes  for Class 3 - Sparkles.

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